* [Guide] Recharge by Third-party Ways

Hi trainers,

Recently, there are many trainers ask how to recharge with other ways, because they don't have google play

Now we have written this guide for those trainers who don’t know how to recharge by the third party . if you can't recharge through the third-party payment method in game, you can visit the follow website to top up.

Step 1: login the recharge platform by your game account. Here is the link: http://www.gamater.com/en/account/login…

Step 2: select the game, your server and confirm your role(in game name). Make sure there is no mistake and click button “next”

Step 3: You can choose the way to top up from the main third party recharge,if there is no one suits you, just click the button “ other” to select country

Step 4: Select the region where you are, and to see more top up ways.