* Version Update

Hey trainers, have you waited too long? Now, a good news for you here~

Version Update will be coming tomorrow at 15:00 (UTC+8), version contents are as follows:

1.New features: Super launcher, Hard claws.

2.New MEGA pokemons: Zapdos(MEGA), Milotic(MEGA), Dragonite(MEGA), Darkrai (MEGA), Shiny Darkrai(MEGA), Weavile(MEGA).

3.New normal pokemons: Weavile, Uxie, Mesprit, Azelf, Cresselia, Manaphy.

4.New skills: Healing Wish, Toxic Spikes, Defog, Revenge, Aqua Ring, Avalanche.

5.New special skills: Dragon Meteor, Origin Pulse, Precipice Blades, Dragon Ascent.

6.New systems: Legion Quest, Legion Shop.

7.Optimizing contents:

1) Adding to the advanced hunting tickets quantities used showing for popular pokemon, reset after refreshing.

2) Canceling 30s limit in private chat.

3) PvP if the opponent don’t fight in two rounds, automatically negative.

4) Total consume add to displayed progress.

5) Perfecting newbie guild content, optimize early experience.

6) Canceling the previous dungeon time limit.

7) The substitute can block destiny bond and repair substitute block destiny bug.

8) Fix the berry problem which can’t automatically use during battle.