* [Event] Half-Year Anniversary

Half-Year Anniversary, Legendary Pokemons Are Coming!

Dear Trainers,

Unconsciously, pokemon has accompanied us for half a year, thank you all for your support.

During this half a year, you picked up a pokeball, captured small pokemons, then cultivated, trained them, and finally made them into a invincible king of war. At the same time, you go further and further on the road to be a pokemon master.

On this occasion, we will launch the following events to reward our trainers.

Event time: 22th April 2018 0:00-24th April 2018 23:59

Event content:

1.During the event time, recharge by other payment method will get extra 50% dias rebate.

2. In addition to the dias rebate, you can also get the super items, the details can be seen from the following picture:


A、You must recharge by other payment method to participate in this event, NOT include Google play or iOS recharge. Please pay attention to the recharge method!

B、You must recharge during the event time to get the corresponding rebate.

C、This event won't affect the in-game event. For example, if you recharge 799.99 dollars, you can receive both of Shiny Lugia in the game event and legendary pokemon self-service giftpacks of this event. Unprecedented huge discounts will help you soar in the elfin world. 

D、50% dias rebate will be sent to your account at once after you recharging successfully.

E、As for the extra items rebate, you need to contact customer service and choose one from five projects after the event is over. We will meet your considerate needs.

F、Pocket Fantasy keeps the final say of this event.

Besides, when you reach the limit of receiving legendary pokemon self-service giftpacks, you can get another one if you recharge 400 dollars again. Everyone has only one chance.

For example, if you recharge 1200 dollars, you can receive two legendary pokemon self-service giftpacks+one exclusive item self-service giftpack +one of five rebate projects+50% extra dias rebate+all rewards in the game.

Participation Method:

1.You can participate in this event by clicking "Other" icon in the game interface to recharge.

2.You also can recharge by clicking the following link:


Have a good time, thank you all!