* [Event] 50% Dias Rebate!

【50% Dias Rebate】

Superb Weekend Benefits!

Weekend is coming and aslo thanks for all of your long-time support. Here a Super Weekend Benefit for you! Shiny Mewtwo, Ho-Oh, Shiny Lugia, Kyogre,Dialga are waving to you now. Rewards details

During the event time, recharge by "other" payment method to get 50% diamonds rebate at once, in addition, you can also get legendary pokemon self-service giftpacks, such as Shiny Mewtwo, Ho-Oh, Shiny Lugia, Kyogre and Dialga if you total recharge to the specified amount during event time. Reward details:

Event time: 19th May 0:00-21th May 23:59 (UTC+8)


1.You must recharge by other payment method to participate in this event, NOT include Google play or iOS recharge. Please pay attention to the recharge method!

2.You must recharge during the event time to get the corresponding rebate.

3.This event won't affect the in-game Unprecedented huge discounts will help you soar in the elfin world.

4.50% dias rebate will be sent to your account at once after you recharging successfully.

5.As for the extra items rebate, you need to contact customer service and choose one from five projects after the event is over. We will meet your considerate needs.

6.Pocket Fantasy keeps the final say of this event.

7.How to use "other" payment method? you can choose "other" icon if you recharge in the game or you can click this link to recharge:http://www.gamater.com/en/account/login

Have a good time, thank you all!