* [Battle System] Part2

Battle state change

Abnormal States

Abnormal states cannot be staked, if have activated state, a new state cannot be activated. And abnormal states remains when pokemon tug-out.

1.Sleep: cannot use skills for 2~4 rounds.

2.Burn: Phy Atk deducts 50%, lose HP every round.

3.Freeze: cannot move, use skills may have chance to un-freeze.

4.Paralysis: speed massively go down, may have chance cannot move.

5.Poison: lose HP every round.

6.Bad Poison: lose HP every round, and amount raises according to round numbers.

Status Change

Goes down or up permanently in battle, including:

1.Phy Atk, Phy Def

2.S-Atk, S-Def


4.Evasion and Accuracy Rate

5.Critical Rate

States Change

States randomly add to pokemon according to skill effects:

1.Trap: Pokemon swap unavailable.

2.Flinch: cannot make move for 1 round.

3.Disable: cannot use skill you used before.

4.Confuse: may have chance to attack itself.

5.Weather affects such like Sandstorm.