* [Battle System] Part3

Items in Battles

In the battle, you can use some items to cure pokemon abnormal states, or use poke ball to catch. Also pokemon can carry some kind of items to immune abnormal states.

Carried Items

Carried items include Berry and carrying things.

Such like some berries can heal HP during battle, or let you immune from burn, stun and so on.

Carrying things such like Mystic Water, it will raise Water-type attack by 20%. More like Chaotic Spoon and Never Melt Ice, their effects wait for you to find out.

Items used in battles

During the battle, you can open your bag to check the available items.

Tap the columns on the left, to see how many kinds of items you can use.

Except of TCG and shards, most of items can be use in the battle, for cure abnormal states, restore PP, remove other bad effect and so on.

Battle Progress

1.Tap “challenge” on any dungeon page to start a battle, both sides’ pokemon will be on stage.

2.The 4 skills on left, are the skills pokemon had, you can use them during battle. You may see “↑” or “↓” on skills, arrow shows type advantage and disadvantage.

3.Skills all have PP, you cannot use the skill if run out of PP, you can restore it by use item or go to pokemon center for free restore.

4.Swap pokemon: during battle, tap “Pokemon” to choose the one you whant to tug-in.

5.Active “Ability”: ability in this game, more like passive skills of pokemon, when it swap in battle, may activate additional effects such like weather. Weather affects related pokemon for raise Atk & Def or restores HP.

6.You will win when opponent’s HP decrease to 0. You receive Exp when you won. When in dungeons, battle results have star rate, try your best to get 3 stars for all the stages, and in Duel and PvP fight, you need to defeat every opponent’s pokemon to get victory.