* Practical Skills For Normal Trainers

For normal trainers, there are some skills for you here. Hope it can help you.

1. Leveling is very important

No matter what game you play, the level is always important. the player level restrict the pokemon level, pokemon level equal the attacking ability, so leveling hardly, finish the daily task possibly, its not only can require a lot of EXP but some rewards as well (a drip of water makes the sea) try to match the level between the player and pokemon. although it may slow down the pace at the late period, recommend to dig the mine for EXP candies, so you have more EXP to cultivate the more powerful pokemon. and the tier level as well, all my main pokemon are tier 4, evolve into blue, its good for the common players to have outstanding output as matching the level, its difficult to evolve into higher level ,the evolvement materials of bag is rare, its not wise to cosume much VT to quest. after all we are just ordinary players   

2. PVP, league challenge, victory road challenge 

this three is highly recommended to play, the most irritated is PVP, both waste of time and difficult to win, but as long as you play every day for some time,   wheather win or lose, you ll find the points are much more, ranking is up, I played every day, basically more loss less win, lowest winning rate is 17%,it will slowly rise up as long as stick to play.  

certain time to play the league challenge (for low VIP and ordinary players) I usually hit the top 80 in the morning, play again at 8 pm, try to keep within 80,to obtain 140 diamonds and 400 points, its not bad.   

most time-consuming is the Victory road challenge, but the rewards are abundant, with lots of coins I can get about 1.8M every time) and a few times for pokemon Horn it depends on you as how to play, I usually use the consume pokemons and add with the one-hit knock out skills, key to cultivate the few main pokemon, using the coins to have a ten draws, you can get lots of resources.

these three store scores must be accumulated, it can buy a good things by updated, remember to buy the powerful TCG and Horn.  

3. Useful pokemon recommendation (i mainly use)

Limited pokemon: Zapdos, Snorlax, easy to play and the output is high. cultivate the pokemon with good nature, keep it at home with bad ones, or miracle

Epic pokemon: Alakazam、Staryu、Gengar、Milotic...... there are all output and rapid attack pokemon, good nature with good attack is pretty good.

Rare pokemon: Jumpluff its very OP in catching and consuming, its necessary for everyone to have two, can match with the Limited pokemon, must have speed nature(timid、hasty、jolly、naive) its very useful to train some skills as you have the resources.

All my pokemon are not finalized, just be able to use, many attack skills are not yet completed, and Tyranitar、Gengar. I really want to join the pokemon fleet, but the TCG and the resources are not enough, so just cultivate and accumulate slowly. its not wise for low VIP and common players to look for the luxury pokemon, the output is not bad as you cultivate these pokemon well, the difference starts at the beginning for players who charge money or not, as long as our efforts、persistence are there ,we can beat lots of players who charge money, lets work together!