* How to change lineup pokemon?

Hello trainers, many newbie players ask how to change the lineup pokemons and how to level up pokemon. Now let me give you a guidance for you here.

How to change the lineup pokemons?

1.Click “Computer” at the bottom of main interface. There you can see “Bag” and “Computer”, the pokemons you want to put in your battle lineup, so just choose and put in bag, on the contrary, the unnecessary pokemons you can put in computer. (Or you can click “?” on the top left corner to know more information)

2.If the computer is full, you can click “Expand” to increase space with diamonds or coins.

3.In computer you can make 3 different lineups by yourself.

4.If you want to change the pokemons’ position of lineup, just click “Pokemon” system, press the pokemon you want to change position and pull it to the place you want. If you want to use lineup 2 or 3 to battle, just choose here the lineup and then you can start your adventure.

How to level up pokemon?

Just click “Training” on the right of main interface, there you can choose the pokemon you want to level up

PS: When pokemon break, if notice you the toys are not enough, please try to check the toys on right side and you will see more needed.